See that guy to the left there? He's Luke Rocheleau, and he's about to dominate a feature film with that RED / Steadicam combo. See that look in his eyes? It's confidence.

Luke was born approxmiately 3,000 years ago on the planet Krypton, moments before it exploded. His father, Jor-El Rocheleau, sent him hurtling through space, wrapped only in a Fed Ex Jacket. Soon after he crash-landed on a rural banana plantation, he was discovered by a pack of small wolves who took him in as their own, & taught him how to run really fast.

Upon reaching the age 18, it was decided that Luke should go and learn the ways of the white man, and thus he was sent to the AAU, where he learned all things Film, and met John Connor. Together, he and John made lots of films and invented Red Bull. And Ju-Jitsu.

Today Luke spends his time travelling the world with lots of middle eastern dudes. His family and friends are currently planning an intervention to get him to stop hogging all the "awesomeness".